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When you are ready to improve your relationship, restore your horse’s body to its best available wellbeing, and find the joy in your partnership together, Kneaded Touch Equine will guide the way.


what to expect

Your first appointment includes a detailed evaluation of your horse's body and mind. You will be asked about his/her history, fitness, environment, training, your goals together, and your challenges and concerns. After a physical inspection, you will receive an overview of your horse's body and emotional state. Though some additional factors may show up during the healing process, this initial assessment offers a realistic vision for the improvements your horse can make based on his/her condition and circumstances.

Identifying your horse's physical and emotional challenges often allows for substantial change through Kneaded Touch Equine's powerful methodologies. However, some health problems offer only limited improvement or may require veterinary attention or other equine practitioners to treat. Your first appointment will ensure that your expectations for your horse's future are in alignment with his/her body's capabilities.

From this understanding, you will receive a customized plan for helping your horse. This plan includes a recommended bodywork schedule and any avenues of concern to investigate with your veterinarian and/or other equine professionals. Your plan also includes guidance about giving your horse time off, making adjustments to your riding program, or addressing environmental factors which impact your horse's wellbeing.

The best results arise from your commitment to your horse's long term good, and your willingness to adjust your expectations and goals in support of his/her wellbeing.

You will receive periodic updates and recommendations based on your horse's progress and any new information that comes to light during your work with Kneaded Touch Equine. In most cases, once your horse is restored to his/her best available comfort and health, ongoing maintenance sessions are not needed.




first time client info

In order to schedule an appointment, please contact Kneaded Touch Equine. Once you've arranged a suitable time and date, complete the Intake Form (below) or download the PDF form prior to your session. You may bring the form to the appointment or send it ahead of time for review. Here are a few reminders for your first appointment:

You must be present for the first appointment to answer questions and introduce your horse. You may not need to stay with your horse the entire session, but plan to be available to discuss recommendations after the assessment is complete.

Refrain from using fly spray or coat conditioners prior to your horse's session.

Please have your horse groomed and a work space available at the time of the appointment. Stalls, cross-ties, or small runs are ideal if they are quiet and with minimal distractions, though it's most important that your horse is comfortable and able to relax in this space.

You are welcome to observe your horse's session, though if s/he is distracted by your presence, it's best to allow space for the horse to focus on his or her bodywork.

Though some of the techniques used are soothing and may induce sleep or relaxation, working with and around areas of pain may mean that the horse is cautious or guarded at times. As the relationship between horse and bodyworker develops, horses usually settle in and enjoy their sessions as they trust that the work is done in concert with their permission and comfort. Bodywork and energy work is never forced upon a horse. 




Rates + Policies

Kneaded Touch Equine Wellness Program



Equine Elastic Kinesiology Tape for training, recovery, or injury


Waived if 3+ appointments at same location on same day


A horse handling fee will apply for horses who must be caught or groomed prior to bodywork. This fee includes getting the horse, grooming before session, blanketing, and returning to stable upon completion of bodywork.

Additional charges or cancellation of the session may apply for extreme grooming or catching efforts.

Please provide advance notice when possible if this service is required.


Please have your horse clean, dry, and ready to go for your appointment.

The Guardian is not required to be present during bodywork sessions, except for the initial consultation.

If the horse is inside, groomed, and ready for his or her session, there is no horse handling fee even if the Guardian is not present. 


 If unable to keep an appointment, 24 hours notice is required to avoid full charge.


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